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UI design and development


Himalayan Wild Fibers manufactures and sells textile fiber extracted from a plant that grows wild in the mountain forests of the Himalayas. Their fair payment for raw material creates income for villagers who grow crops and keep animals on subsistence farms terraced into the steep terrain of the mountains.

Ellie, the founder of the company needed a website revamp.

Task at a glance

  • Create a one-page website
  • Highlight where the product comes from

Design process

  • Meetup with the stakeholder to determine the requirements
  • Collect the assets gathered, pictures, products etc
  • Take closeup pictures of the product
  • Redesign logo
  • Build a custom coded site in squarespace for quick turnaround


Their previous site was just text over an image. We needed to modify it to show the work of the locals, process that goes into making the fabric and add the images of the products.

Logo redesign

The logo needed to convey that the fiber comes from a plant that grows in the altitude of the himalayas (mountains). Ellie wanted minimal design with simple shapes and gave me few reference images. After going back and forth with several different versions, the following logo design was approved.


Ellie needed to have an easy access to the site to make copy edits in the future. She already had a sqaurespace account so we decided to use it to create the site. I wrote custom code for the sections that were not available in the template.

I met Ellie, the founder of the company, when I was in Nepal. I was referred to her by a mutual friend whose website I had designed before. This was my first commercial freelance web project so I didn't know how to price my work but instead I asked her if she could help me with my application letter and application fee to apply to Parsons School of Design, which she gladly agreed on. With her mentorship and help, I was able to craft a Statement of Purpose and submit my portfolio to the school. I was accepted to study MFA in Design and Technology with 50% scholarship at Parsons School of Design the very next fall of 2017.