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Lead Designer

1 designer, 3 back-end developers

UX/UI design and development


My Brain and Me helps the users create an interactive and anatomically labeled 3D model of their brain's MRI scan. The users can upload their scans and then view changes in their brain's 3D model over time through the website.
I was introduced to Spiro, the founder of the company two weeks before their demo day at NYC Media Lab. They had a website but were in need of an overhaul before their demo day.

Task at a glance

  • Rebrand website within two weeks
  • Simplify user onboarding process

Design process

  • Get requirements and updates needed from the stakeholder
  • Study current site for user experience issues
  • Competitive/Partner analysis
  • Analyze and compare requirements and findings
  • Understand the users and their behaviour then draw an improved userflow
  • Redesign the logo
  • Create wireframe of the site - iterate
  • Proceed with high-fidelity version
  • Develop the site with back-end support from the team


This is a research based free site so it is important to get as many user information (with their consent) as possible but at the same time we had to keep the user onboarding process simple without bombarding them with several different forms.


Requirement from the stakeholder:
"I want the signup form to be really simple. It should not have more than three fields, Email, Password and Retype Password. It would also be great if more users created their profile."

Considering most of the first time users would not have their MRI scan available when they visit the site, they can signup (with a simplified form) and also create their profile if they want to.

I devised a solution where we could ask the users to create profile right after they sign up. Creating profile will then feel like it is a part of the signup process and have more chances of the users filling it out. They also have the option to skip the profile form and navigate to the homepage.


I presented the solution to the team and it was agreed that having the Create profile form right after Register form would be a better way for the users to create their profile.

Logo redesign

Usually creating a logo would take anywhere between 2 weeks to few months. I had a huge time constraint with this project so I decided not to deviate away from their previous logo but rather iterate on what they already had.

Wireframe and Prototype


I coded the site in html and css with other team members working on the backend. We completed the site in 4 days, just in time for their demo day at NYC Media Lab Combine Demo Day which was a huge success.


The undertaking of this project was simple with pre-defined problems. However, I wish we had more time to commit to usability testing and get more feedback from the users about the interface. Every project comes with its restrictions and finding a solution within those restrictions is what makes the process more exciting and makes us push our own boundaries.